Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Look for the Seed of Opportunity

Look for the Seed of Opportunity I wrote a blog a few months ago on finding the seed of opportunity in adversity. It was from a book by Napoleon Hill, one of my favorite authors on abundance.  So today I was driving to a rental property of ours here in Cincinnati (I’ve been working there all week because of an eviction with a lot of clean up and repairs) and not being familiar with the streets turned into a curb lane and sideswiped a car driving in that lane. (I was actually on my way to drop off a signed NFL football my son wanted to give to one of our tenant’s/handyman’s son’s because he had expressed an interest in it when he was at our house while his parents were working on our kitchen)  Neither one of us were hurt and my car has some very minor scratches on the wheel but the lady driving the other car had more damage,( a bent fender) and was upset and wouldn’t get our of her car at first. After about 10-15 minutes called the police. I had time to sit in my car and

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