Tuesday, April 22, 2014

iPAS 2 - Get Ready In Advance with Launch Traffic Coop with Prosperity Team

Bren & Mike - Get Ready In Advance with Launch Traffic Coop with Prosperity Team
iPAS 2 for free: http://ipas2free.com/?id=manifest_homes before launch date.

If you are an iPAS 2 member you are probably pretty excited about the launch as I am.  I bet you have been trying to figure out a way to capitalize on the launch as much as I have.  Well search no more.  I found a way to take part immediate when it launches.  

Prosperity team has set up a traffic coop where you can buy shares at $0.70/click (which is pretty good).  This is the same traffic the founders of iPAS are using to send through their funnel on launch day.

Now you can tap into the same traffic and absolutely crush it when we launch iPAS 2.

0:05 Have you heard that iPas 2 is about to be released on May 1, 2014
0:24 How do you get the traffic ready for iPas 2 first few days of launch?
0:46 Prosperity team has put together a coop to help you get immediate leads for iPAS 2
1:25 Register for iPAS 2 at http://ipas2free.com/?id=manifest_homes
2:01 Once you register you can purchase the clicks you want in advance.
2:35 $0.70/click to your capture page which is setup for you with sales funnel.

Click here to purchase traffic: http://www.ipass2free.com/coop/index.php

If you do not have an iPAS account yet, you can create your's for free here: http://ipas2free.com/?id=manifest_homes

*If iPass 2 costs you $147 to get an account, that means you are too late in claiming your free account.


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