Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bren & Mike Show - Why Start Your Own Business @MikeMarko1

Bren and I talk continue a conversation they were already having in their car about being thankful for their online business.  The three things really wealthy and successful people have are cash on hand, real estate, and a business.

0:19 Mike was talking about how grateful he was about their online business.  he talks about why start your own business.

0:42 Need to have a business, real estate, and cash on hand, to be really successful.

1:15 Things are accelerating in growth.  And things are branching out.

1:50 Network with other people.

2:37 According to Think and Grow Rich, the best business is one that you would do anyway for free.

3:22 Every day is like a weekend day if you really enjoy it.

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Video: Bren & Mike Show - Why Start Your Own Business

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