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Bren & Mike Show - Achieve Your Intentions With This Guided Meditation @MikeMarko1 - Bren & Mike Show - Achieve Your Intentions With This Guided Meditation

As human beings, we are DESIGNED to be creative. We have a built-in mechanism that allows us to co-create with the universe. By imagining /visualizing our desires and goals as clearly as we can we are using our built in creative mechanism. Animals differ only in that they operate by instinct, but we truly are made in God's image and are co-creators with the Universe.

You've been using this built in mechanism, unconsciously, your entire life. You used it to learn to walk, to tie your shoes and to graduate from high school. You had a vision or intentions for what you wanted to accomplish and worked at it until you accomplished your goal.  Unfortunately as adults we can get in more of a rut and setting forth intentions to learn a new skill or manifest a desire has to be more "deliberate."

The Intentions Process

In the intentions process, whenever you set forth intentions the answer from the universe is always yes. Therefore the next step is to get in the vibrational vicinity of what you are wanting... act and feel as if it's already happened. If you want love, then be love if you want money, then feel rich. It's important while you visualize that you are hearing, tasting, touching your dreams first and by doing this you are sending out to the universe a message to co-create with you.

Then take inspired action and do small things everyday to the best of your ability to move toward your goals.

Waiting for Your Intentions to Manifest

For me the nest step is the hardest part in this whole process. It's the gap of time it takes for it to materialize with no outward sign of progress. That's when discouragement can set in.

When you set your goals and intentions it's important to have faith that if you take small steps every day.  Rest assured that  you will get to your goal even though you have no outward signs that you are progressing.

You can even be dealing with difficult situations when there seems to be no progress then tension and inner conflict can set in. The solution lies in disengaging from the situation. This does not mean we abandon our goals but we re-establish inner calm.

When we change our attitude the course will change. It is the path of least resistance. Do not engage in hope or hopelessness but disengage from the outcome and patiently persevere... this is surrender.

Just Relax and Let Your Intentions Manifest at Their Own Pace

Always dream, always walk and move into your desires and the flow that calls you, but notice if you are forcing it, if you are attached to the way it may be playing out, or if you are struggling so hard to make something happen.  When that's the case I invite you to try to relax, to release and to let go.

Please listen to this free guided meditation to assist you on your journey to a prosperous life.

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