Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Getting Organized With Your Online Business - iPAS2

Getting Organized With Your Online Business - iPAS2 If you own a small business, being organized can be crucial to your success. The reason is because paperwork piles up quickly.  If you’re not organized, you will find yourself drowning in piles of unopened mail and stacks of documents that need to be filed and organized. This ultimately wastes valuable time, and may eventually lead to burn out. We’ve been guilty of this in the past with our real estate business. We were busy with repairs, or just life in general and pushed organizing paperwork off until the next day or next week. The workload multiplied quickly, felt daunting to organize, and eventually led to procrastination and elevated stress. Being disorganized wastes your valuable time… Have you ever found yourself searching through a pile of paper work to find something you’re looking for, when it could have been easily found in a file? This is time you could have spent making money! It can get you into trouble legally

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