Thursday, May 29, 2014

Changing the Game with IPAS2

Changing the Game with IPAS2 There are tons of so called "Gurus" in the industry... but most of them fall well of what I consider a "guru". They teach theory and concepts instead of real action plans based on constant testing. Chris Jones, the co-creator of IPAS, talked about this problem in a recent webinar. He said ‘you have to spend less on the day to day management of your business. Let your system do the grunt work. Just focus only on the income producing activities.”  I completely agree with this… If your running any online business there are tons of small tasks that could eat up all your time. Relying on a smooth system can help make more efficient use of your time. Easy To Use Products - What Everyone Wants Let's get real.  You don’t have time to learn all the in and outs of creating a perfect follow up system that will teach, market, and sell for you. Instead you need to be busy getting leads. There are lots of products out there that promise you instant success. Ho

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