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Kalatu Review Answering Is Kalatu Legit?

Kalatu Review Answering Is Kalatu Legit?

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There been a lot of hype building about the new Empower Network blogging system called Kalatu.  I am sure you got some emails from people about this system, and you are wondering if it is legit, or maybe if it is a scam.  No matter the reason, we are going to tell you about the Empower Network Kalatu blogging system in this Kalatu review.

When Empower Network launched their first blogging platform, it was a WordPress blog with two themes and very little customization.  People were not happy with this so they decided to launch their own blogging platform called “Blog Beast” or ENV2.

Unfortunately it sucked.

And they actually admitted it was a mistake.

I admire a company that admits to its mistakes.  And now they are going to get things right with the “Kalatu Blogging System”.

This will be called ENV3 (Empower Network Version 3).  They are going back to WordPress, but with some new features...

Instead of Empower trying to make a blog system from scratch, they decided to get the input of their leadership.  They got Chris Record, a 7 figure earner, to take on this project.  He is a VERY successful blogger.  Chris worked with Empower Network to create the Kalatu blogging platform.

0:05 Is Kalatu Legit?

0:14 Empower Network blogging system: The 2nd edition sucked

0:22 Kalatu: Empower Network admitted they made a mistake with the older blogging system, ENV2.0

0:37 Empower Network is redoing their blogging system, calling it Kalatu blogging system

0:50 Empower Network Kalatu blogging system: More customization.

0:57 Is the new Kalatu blogging system legit?

1;14 Kalatu is a Wordpress based blogging system.

1:26 Kalatu templates to help you rank in Google easier

1:33 Get Bren & Mike to mentor you and help you rank your Kalatu blogging system in Google

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Kalatu Review Answering Is Kalatu Legit?

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