Wednesday, October 8, 2014

IPAS2 System Product Launch - Did You Get IPAS 2 Yet?

IPAS2 System Product Launch - Did You Get IPAS 2 Yet? We are really excited for the launch of the IPAS 2 System today, September 8, 2014.  We have been waiting since January for the launch of this franchise-like system. IPAS, or Internet Prospect Acceleration System, is an online marketing business model originally developed by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones in 2011. The IPAS 2 System "Franchise" The IPAS 2 System was designed to help entrepreneurs attract more leads and create more profits for their online businesses. The reason it can be referred to as a franchise-like system is because it really is turn-key. Burger Restaurant vs Burger Franchaise Let us use the example of a restaurant vs a franchise. What do you think has a better chance of success?  A franchise, like McDonalds, where they have a great location, established menu, established procedures, established suppliers, established training, etc?  Or a restaurant that has to develop all of this on its own?  Which is more

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