Saturday, September 13, 2014

Optimize Your Time

Optimize Your Time I am a very driven person. Over the past couple years, I created a vision for my life and started working towards it.  Things were moving really well until… I found I had run out of time in the day. and then I was stuck! I had already stopped watching TV years ago.  I multitask by doing my training while I work on other things.  And I worked until late at night and on weekends.  I was doing everything I could Still I had run into a literal brick wall!  It was frustrating me really fast. I was losing ground, and I felt more and more out of control. We were also ramping up for a HUGE IPAS 2 System product launch and I didn’t have enough time to properly dedicate to it. How was I going to achieve my goals, and create this amazing life with Bren? Words from the 4-Hour Work Week You need to read the book, the 4-Hour Work Week.  I had heard about this book from fellow entrepreneurs, but it wasn’t until Bren came home from the library with the book and read it

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