Monday, June 30, 2014

Bren & Mike Show - Overcome Paralysis by Analysis @MikeMarko1

Overcome Paralysis by Analysis - Bren & Mike Show
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If you are busy like everyone else, you'll want to use your time as efficiently as possible. Among other things, this requires you to carefully consider each decision before you make it. You want to make things as perfect as possible the first time. But be careful here. If taken too far, trying to review or prepare for every possible contingency or try to learn everything before you start can result in the paralysis of analysis—what can also be thought of as "vapor lock of the brain."

Rather than waste your time with indecision, adopt the old "motion beats meditation" maxim. You've probably heard it this so often you consider it a cliché—but have you actually tried following it? Most clichés become clichés because they contain elements of truth. As long as you have just enough information and other resources necessary to start taking some sort of action, then just do it! Nike's famous ad slogan applies to you following your dreams. Let your motion in any direction shatter the ice of indecision.

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